Virtualdub filtermod was…

And now, Virtualdub2 is. This new version is now included instead of the previous one. Another small change is that I've added icons for the menu item entries (aegisub and vdub).


VCRedist All-in-one installer

If you're looking for a setup that combines all c++ packages, here it is.


AviSynth+ r2580 installer

  • New : installer without VCRedist available
  • New : more shortcuts
  • Updated Vdub to v40716


AviSynth+ r2574 installer

There are some changes since the v2508 :

  • VSFilterMod has been updated (r5) and is now maintained by Sorayuki (google trad).
  • QTGMC v 3.357
  • New Downmix function for 5.1 → 2.0 channels. The N++ syntax lang file has been updated accordingly
  • The script template got some stuffs
  • Ability to create new empty .ass files via new context menu (just like .avs and .avsi scripts)
  • The installer now includes options to create shortcuts for custom scripts