VCRedist All-in-one installer

If you're looking for a setup that combines all c++ packages, here it is.


AviSynth+ r2580 installer

  • New : installer without VCRedist available
  • New : more shortcuts
  • Updated Vdub to v40716


AviSynth+ r2574 installer

There are some changes since the v2508 :

  • VSFilterMod has been updated (r5) and is now maintained by Sorayuki (google trad).
  • QTGMC v 3.357
  • New Downmix function for 5.1 → 2.0 channels. The N++ syntax lang file has been updated accordingly
  • The script template got some stuffs
  • Ability to create new empty .ass files via new context menu (just like .avs and .avsi scripts)
  • The installer now includes options to create shortcuts for custom scripts


AviSynth+, the new edition

I decided to change my package's name. Why ? Because I do fansubbing and basically, I created it to make life easier. It might help every fansubbers and particularly encoders.