Avisynth+ 3.7.1

In this package, I added my own 6.1 downmix script in order to do a proper mix. A few options are available based on official standards like ATSC and Opus. Take a look at the file "DownMix.avsi" for more details.





A fresh new AviSynth+ FE build is up. Including FFMS v2.40. Also updated some plugins and the QTGMC script.


C++ all in one package updated

Yeah, fixed a few things too. 2019's reg keys were wrong for a blurry reason. Not critical, just that the files were still extracted whatever and executed and couldn't install because it was potentially already installed. A little waste of time. Anyway, the setup is now to its v2.1. Download the new one and delete the previous one from its page.

AviSynth+ 3.5.1

Freshly compiled and ready to run. Note that the behavior of the setup has slightly changed. I've fixed a few things like VC19 detection, templates overwriting, the UI of the setup, etc. Virtualdub has been updated, as well as VSFM to its v5.2.2.

But, the most notable thing is the help files that are finally new, too. Check the Documentation shortcut option on the setup to access it easily.

DOwnload AVS+ 3.5.1