Here are some tools I've compiled with NSIS. They save clicks, time, but not only...

Videos Files Thumbnails Control 1.5.1

Video files thumbnails aren't generated anymore ? Here's the fix in 3 clicks.
This app will let you choose whether you'd like to reset or keep video associations in the case it has been previously done by a third party app. Basically I created this because SPlayer was messing around with the registry, they fixed it since v3.6.

Windows : 7 / Vista | | ENG / FRA

Empty Temp

Save time and space. This will clear all temp directories and the IE cache in one launch. It may be placed in the startup folder so it will run at every session.

Windows : all | eTmp.exe

Reboot & Shutdown

Simply reboot or shutdown your PC without going in the start menu.
Put them in your Win directory so you can run them via command line.

Windows : all | R&

Reload Explorer

Some system mods, especially visual ones (skins etc...) need a reboot in order to be effective. However, most of the time a single restart of the explorer process is sufficient. This will refresh the shell view as well.

Windows : all | RE.exe

Refresh Shell

This will refresh the shell view. All icons and thumbnails will be actualized.
Useful when doing file associations or other tasks related to the icons (like when replacing a file with the same name, Windows refers to the cache first).

Windows : all | RS.exe

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