AviSynth+ Fansub Edition

The package

It will run on x64 systems only. I didn't test all plugins. Feel free to write a feedback if you encounter any issue. Compiled with NSIS 3.

Current version : AviSynth+ r2772

Additional features 
  • FFMpegSource2 v2.23

Optional :
  • A selection of plugins with their documentation
  • A selection of scripts (incl. Interframe2, QTGMC)
  • A basic script template ready to use
  • New icons, black for regular scripts, blue for auto-load scripts or classic original style
  • New context menu entry for the templates
  • Open scripts with Notepad++
  • Open .ass with Notepad++
  • Open .ass files in Aegisub menu item
  • Full integration of .ass subtitle files (incl. a dedicated icon)
  • AviSynth+ language syntax recognition file for Notepad++
  • VirtualDub2 ** NEW **


The story

I do fansubbing. When I started, I was using Avidemux and thought I knew encoding, but I had to change my approach in order to encode properly. The main reason is that Avidemux doesn't support the new tags that VSFilterMod brings. The other reason is that the hardsubbed videos had always a time shift between 2 and 6 frames. Every times. So I had to compensate the shift by editing the sync, knowing that the shift was noticeable only after an encoding ! Boring and not acceptable.

Here comes AviSynth+. I restarted from scratch, spending a lot of time on reading documentations, and I've learned a lot. It took a while, but today I encode in almost two clicks, as I've learned basis of Windows command lines and did set my environment according to my needs.

So, what ?

As I write these lines, the latest official stable release of AviSynth+ is the version r1576 from January 2, 2014. The most recent versions have no installers. So I made one.

Basically this was not supposed to be published, but I decided to share my work, in case people find it interesting.

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