Sevenforums, a bad place for devs ?

On Monday, april 16 2012, I've been banned from sevenforums for << spam >>.

The situation

I started a new thread to introduce my new Catalyst package and share it with people. But before anything, for those who don't know, that forum policy is to approve threads before they are published. My post had exactly the same structure as blog's page, except for
download links which were not present.

The last sentence after screenshots was :

"Files and some other stuffs are available on my Blog"

- "my Blog" was a link pointing to the catalyst suite page of the blog. Why ? It's simple, so people can follow updates from source.

About one hour later, I refreshed the page where I was to take some news. What a surprise when I saw the message saying that I was banned, but the reason is more surprising... so, I wrote to the admin for asking what the hell was going on.

Me :

I've been banned for the reason "spam"… why ?? well I just started a new thread to introduce my work. It was supposed to help people in a way to make installing drivers an easy step. I also give support. so, what the hell is going on ? does this admin know what spam is ?? my god, this forum sucks for developers…

His reply :

I think it’s you that need to look up the definition of what spam is instead. When you post a promotional thread for the sole purpose of redirecting traffic (our members) to your blog, then that is spam.

Me :

okay, know that I don't care about the "traffic". I put the link in that way because html is disabled for signatures. I'm not like that, breaking rules. I also contribute to xda and never got any kind of warn or else problem.

dude, spamming is the act of bombing mails or messages with ads. THAT'S NOT what I did.

so, is there any chance for me to be unbanned if I simply put direct download links ?

No more reply until now.

What the.. ?! << Redirecting traffic >> ?? Sure, I'm a big buisnessman ! Come on !! Even my blog doesn't contain any ad ! My only mistake was to omit download links. But hey, even animals give some kinds of warns before charging ! DOH ! What damn type of admin is he ?!

What do you think, people ?


  1. You're a spammer

  2. oh ! a spam saying I'm a spammer ! QUICK BAN

    You're brainless. Guys like you don't make the world forward, but don't care, I don't give a shit.

  3. It happened to me.I got banned for life from Seven Forums last October 2011,for no reason. A member posted on a thread about Windows Movie Maker that he liked one of my videos he had seen. And I replied back on the same thread thanking him.

    20 minutes later I got the ban message- You have been banned for the following reason: persona non grata.Date the ban will be lifted: Never.

    So not only did they ban me. But they did it in a nasty way by giving me the above message when I logged into my account on the site. But I am not the only person this has happened to. A lot of people have been banned from Seven Forums for no reason. So what happened to you does not surprise me.

    But other members post their software tips on the forum. And they have not been banned. So you did not deserve to be banned any more than I did.Andrea Borman.

  4. hmm it's sad to hear that. I'm not sure if the banner was a moderator or the admin himself, but it seems that he has no full control of his modos and sadly, debating is useless with people like that.

    well, life continue :)

  5. The admin of Seven Forums is Brink. And if a moderator did ban me and the admin thought it was wrong.he could over rule the moderator and lift the ban. But I emailed Seven Forums twice and they did not answer my emails. So they did not want me on the forum.

    But this is not the only forum I have had problems with. A few weeks ago I got banned for life from Windows 7 forums and Windows 8 Forums.com. Along with 2 other members.the reason they did not like my negative posts about the upcoming Windows 8 and the whole thread turned into an argument.in which 2 members insulted me. That was why they were banned.

    But the admin sent me a private email apologising for the 2 members behaviour. And the admin invited me to the forums chat channel on SKype saying they would like to get to know me better. then a few hours later they ban me for life from the forums.It does not make sense.

    But I found out the reason for my ban. According to this post here which was sent to every forum members.Giving the reason why the admin had banned me and the 2 other members and a third member for being a fan of mine. Was that they did not like what I wrote on my websites.See here this post I found that is the letter a member of Windows 7 and windows 8 forums got sent in a private email by the admin. And he posted it here-http://w3digger.com/anybody-else-get-this-e-mail-from-windows-7-forums-about-terrorists-right-on-w7f.html

    And also this post here on windows 7 forums by the admin here-http://windows7forums.com/open-topic-forums/78897-banned-members.html

    It seems that forums are getting stricter. They can ban you for a reason or no reason at all. Andrea Borman.

  6. Well, I'm not sure if we could compare our situation. You seem to have been banned for some ethical reasons, but in a wrong way for a bad reason. I have read your comments following your given links, and I agree with you. This should not have happened.

    How did you fall on my blog ?

  7. if they were stupid enough to not to have proper criteria, never work for them or with theme. It would be much more better to just multiply them by zero, believe me.

    1. it's like... they have some pressure, as if they were in some comercial interests and care about their image. This strange political reminds me Apple's policy. Closed to the open :/